Financing Your Vehicle

2/21/2019 | Premier Source Credit Union


Financing Your Vehicle

Financing your car

You’re imagining your dream car but before you can purchase it you have to manage your money. Financing a car may be overwhelming especially for first time buyers. A car can be one of the biggest purchases you will make. So it is important to understand the basics of financing a car. Here are a few steps we suggest you follow as you purchase your car.

Steps for financing a car

  1. Check your credit: Your credit score will play a key role in your interest rate. A high credit score will get you a lower interest rate. Credit scores are based on information from credit reports like Experian and Equifax.
  2. Payment Option: Next, you should figure out how much you will earn and spend each month on a car without hurting your budget. Car loans can last up to four, five, or six years. The longer the term the lower the monthly payment.  Other payment factors may include insurance, car maintenance, and other fees.
  3. Get Pre-Approval: To get pre-approved visit your local bank or credit union. Check to see what kind of loan you can get and what deals they offer. Choose the best deal that will help you finance your car. If you qualify for a loan you are considered pre-approved. That means you pass the approval process and will be granted the loan you apply for.
  4. Choose your vehicle: Finally, once you are pre-approved for a loan you can get excited to shop for your new vehicle.  

At Premiere Source Credit Union, we can help you finance the car of your dreams. Begin the online loan application process today! 

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