Flying on a Budget

12/6/2018 |


Flying on a Budget

Nothing is more stressful than planning a trip around the holidays. Flights are always expensive, traffic volume is always higher, and your vacation destination may have raised their prices during the holiday season. For those that are determined to have a fun vacation and save a little extra money, check out these tips!

Be flexible with your travel dates

The price of flights is always expensive around the holidays, especially a few days before and after Christmas and New Years. If your schedule is flexible and you don’t mind traveling a few months after the holidays you could save quite a bit of money. Flying out on a Tuesday night or Wednesday can also offer lower rates rather than leaving on a Saturday.

Opt for connecting flights

Let’s be honest no one wants to hang out in uncomfortable airport chairs for hours while waiting for their connection flight, however, if you choose an indirect flight with a reasonable layover time the price of your flight may actually save you a few hundred dollars.

Travel light

If your vacation is a short one travel light if possible. Research the carry-on bag size that your airline allows and pack that bag. You’ll save on baggage fees and eliminate waiting for your bag to be taken off the plane when your flight has landed.

Be Alert

Sign up for email alerts from different airlines and travel websites to alert you when a new deal or fee has been added.

Is your trip costing a little more than you’d like it to? Read more about Premier Source Credit Union’s personal loans and treat yourself to that trip this holiday season!

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