How to Save for the Holidays!

11/7/2018 |


How to Save for the Holidays!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and can also be the most expensive time of the year. Holiday shopping is a tradition for many people but it can also lead to stress if you don’t plan properly. Are you thinking of starting your holiday shopping early this year? Here are some tips to save around the holidays!

Budget your money

Being realistic about how much money you should spend on holiday gifts is the key to saving during the holidays. Set an affordable budget and divide that budget up based on the number of people you have on your list. Gift giving during the holidays can get a bit out of control so ensure that you are sticking to buying gifts for only those who are nearest and dearest to you. Your Uncle John’s new girlfriend’s parents can wait until next year.

Make your list and check it twice

Once you have your budget and your list, decide which gifts to buy based on the amount of money you are allowing yourself to spend on each person. While out holiday shopping it’s important to stick to that list! Going off the list will cause you to break the budget and over spend.

Holiday club

Premier Source Credit Union offers its members a holiday club account to help prepare for holiday expenses. Accounts can be opened using any denomination and your account can be funded with payroll deduction!

It’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of the holiday spirit. All retailers and stores are marketing their products to encourage you to spend your paychecks on gifts. Sticking to your budget, your gift list, and looking out for the best savings from your favorite stores will ensure that you keep your spending to a minimum and have a happy holiday season!

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