Unique Ways to Vacation

6/7/2018 |


Unique Ways to Vacation

Vacation is a great time to get away and truly enjoy living. However, you may be beginning to get bored of the same old getaway. Expand your horizons and try out some of these unique ideas for vacation! Once your friends and family see pictures of your trip, your phone will be ringing and buzzing off the hook. Everyone will want to be the next one to go on one of these super fun vacations!

Here are some unique vacations to try:

  • Horse Caravan through Ireland: Ireland alone has gorgeous scenery that would make a trip worth it. However, the experience is all the more special when you travel down the beautiful Emerald Isle roads by horse. Clissmann Horse Caravans offers glamping (glamorous camping) caravans complete with sleeping and eating facilities. You can fit 4 or 5 people in your caravan and the entire thing travels with you by horse when you're ready to explore the scenery!
  • Ride a Norry in Cambodia: A norry is a quasi-train that is basically a bamboo platform that runs over a metal track, operated by a motor. The norry allows you to cruise through the Cambodian countryside at 30 mph and can be accessed by simply showing up with a few bucks and hopping on.
  • Camel Caravan in Morocco: The wild and remote countryside of Morocco is filled with deserts, cliffs, and beaches that are perfect for adventurous vacationers. Travel on foot or by camel during the day and spend the nights camping beneath the starry skies.
  • Get an Island to Yourself: Docastaway is the first travel company to bring the desert-island experience to its customers. The company will set you up on a secluded island in the Philippines or Indonesia for a truly unique getaway. True survivalists can try out "Adventure Mode" while those looking for easy to access facilities and even some luxury opt for "Comfort Mode."
  • Watch the Northern Lights in Finland: The Northern Lights are a beautiful natural phenomenon. Kakslauttanen Artic Resort in Finland is one of the best places to watch them with unique glass igloos that allow you to fall asleep until the gorgeous sky. The aurora season lasts from late August until the end of April.
  • Surprise me: Magical Mystery Tours are great for those who hate planning vacations. You fill out a questionnaire and the company sets you up with a secret trip based on your answers. Once you arrive at your designated site of transportation, you open up an envelope with your trip details to see where you are going.

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