Wedding Season Spending

5/23/2018 |

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Wedding Season Spending

It's that time of year again: wedding season! Weddings are beautiful celebrations of love that bring family and friends together, but they can be very expensive. Here are some tips on how you can make the most of your money during wedding season whether you're a guest or a bride or groom to be.

Tips To Help You Budget For Your Wedding

  • Get married on less conventional days; Saturday is the most popular and, as a result, the most expensive.
  • Do research on which vendors are the least expensive or most affordable and wait for sales or deals.
  • Have your ceremony and reception in the same place.
  • Skip the open bar.
  • Choose a venue that doesn't need much decor.
  • Use artificial flowers rather than real flowers, or don't have flowers at all.
  • Make your own DIY wedding decorations. (Everyone loves a good Pinterest craft!)

Tips To Help You Budget As a Wedding Guest

  • Buy your registry gift early to make sure that the moderately priced options are still available.
  • Shop around to see if registry gifts are less expensive at other stores.
  • Buy a group gift.
  • Make a thoughtful (and inexpensive) DIY as your wedding gift.
  • It's cheaper to fly on a Thursday or Monday than popular days, such as Friday and Sunday.
  • Book group deals with airlines and hotels for a discount.
  • Split a hotel room with friends.
  • Invest in one or two staple tuxedos. The cost of renting can add up quickly.

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