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Now it’s even easier to get rewarded!

You love Kasasa® accounts because they offer BIG REWARDS, but it can be tricky at times figuring out if you’ll qualify or how much you’ve earned. Premier Source FCU is making it easier to track your progress towards qualifying each month.  No more wondering, no more counting transactions, no more calling — by downloading the FREE Kasasa® App, you can take the guesswork out of tracking your progress once and for all!

The Kasasa® App gives you access to your monthly qualification progress so you can track your Kasasa® Cash, Kasasa® Cash Back, and Kasasa® Saver accounts to see how close you are to earning your rewards. You will also be able to view your reward history to see how much you’ve earned over time.

Getting started is fast and easy.

To get started with the Kasasa® App, go to the either Apple’s App store (iOS users) or Google’s Play Store (Android users) and search for “Kasasa.”

After you’ve downloaded the app, follow the prompts to create your profile.

Once your profile has been created and confirmed, log in and select “add an account.” When asked, search for “Premier Source FCU” and follow the instructions to connect your account.

It’s that Fast and Easy!

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